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Troegs Skis and Snowboard Giveaway

Montage Mountain teamed up with a few old friends and some really talented people to give you the chance to win one of these limited run Troegs Nugget Nectar “First Squeeze” Edition Lauren Cat West skis or Joshua Noom snowboard! We’re giving them away at our end of season Winter festival Mountainfest presented by Troegs on Saturday, March 5th! These custom planks were built right here in Pennsylvania by independently owned Gilson who has mastered the craft of custom skis and boards. These things are made for long days on the mountain enjoyed with cold brews after! Good luck and we’ll see you on the snow!

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Artist Spotlight
Lauren Cat West

A quick trip to the studio of illustrator Lauren Cat West reveals a glimpse into the near future … a future flowing with Nugget Nectar. “I’m a mural artist, illustrator and designer,” she says. “And I have giant hair. I was so stoked to work on this. I just sat down and sketched out about 6 pages of the most random things I could think of. Things that celebrate the beer and the brewery. The frog is just a dude who likes drinking Nugget … and has a really muscular human hand! I think people react positively to my work because it’s colorful, childlike and fun. I always find myself laughing or smiling when I’m working on something new. I guess that’s how I know it’s working.”

Follow Lauren on Instagram: @LaurenCatWest

Artist Spotlight
Joshua Noom

Joshua is a Florida based designer specializing in detailed and bold illustration combined with an organic sense of typography. If he’s not working on a new project, he is probably geeking out over records and sneakers.

To celebrate the seasonal release of Nugget-Nectar, @troegsbeer asked a handful of artists to create posters in celebration of this once-a-year beer. In true Noom fashion, he went with a little pagan worship. Some thirsty folks worshipping the return of this glorious beer.

Follow Joshua on Instagram: @Joshua Noom

Custom Made in PA

With deep roots here in PA and equality rooted in quality, we’re proud to say we teamed up with Gilson Snow on this latest collaboration!  Gilson is one of the fastest growing snowsports companies in the world and is currently shipping snowboards and skis across North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and New Zealand. Located just a few hours from Montage Mountain in Winfield, PA, they’re known for building some of the most advanced snowboards and skis in the world. “We believe in exploring our planet and having more fun outside. We design equipment with performance in mind and sustainability at heart. We build gear that allows you to explore further and have way more fun.”  We like that motto and encourage you to check out more about Gilson today!


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