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Sales Manager

Works independently with solicitation of all group contacts including schools, camps, daycares, corporate, and nonprofit entities. Maintains a database of current, past, and future prospects on a daily basis.

Ticketing Agent

Responsible for selling waterpark admissions and processing membership check-in through an electronic point of sale system.

Park Ambassador

Provides a welcoming and positive atmosphere through greeting waterpark guests, working the park’s Fun Zone, and assisting in this summers many events.

Property Maintenance

Responsible for the general upkeep and overall cleanliness of the main lodge, restaurant, and waterpark.


Maintains the safety of the guests in and around the pool; acts immediately and appropriately to secure safety of guests in the event of emergency. Provides emergency care and treatment as required until the arrival of emergency medical services.


Responsible for the various operations involving the Zipriding experience including loading and unloading riders, dispatching trollies, and running the ski lift.

Grounds Crew

The Grounds Crew is responsible for the upkeep and appearance of landscaping, lawns, outdoor facilities


Responsible for taking orders at the Slocum Hollow Bar, mixing/pouring drinks, and maintaining guest satisfaction throughout their visit. Employees must be friendly, able to work under pressure, and be knowledgeable about the bar and different offerings.


Position requires to be friendly and helpful to all guests in the restaurant. Have to be knowledgeable in all products served in the restaurant. Servers need to know all steps in properly carding and serving alcoholic beverages as well as extensive knowledge of food menu.

Line Cook

Line cooks are directly responsible with assisting grill cooks and fry cooks during regular service. Line cook needs to multitask in assisting the fry side and grill side of kitchen to efficiently produce food for service

Grill Cook

Grill cooks are responsible directly for handling all food having to do with the grill side of the line. This includes everything from cooking on the grill, keeping track of food on the line having to do with the specified position. Also, keeping the grill side clean, food safe, and well organized

Dish Washer

The dish washing position requires the employee to clean all dishes, plates, pans, etc. Dish washers must also keep the dish pit clean at all times and be prepared to assist prep cooks in anything that they need help with. It is also necessary for to assist prep cook in keeping the prep kitchen clean at all times

Host/ Hostess

The host/hostess is the first point of contact with our guests and as such needs to be very friendly and organized. It is also important that the Host/Hostess makes the customers feel comfortable and welcome.


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